The Procurement Sales Module and Marketplace Module solutions are fully web-delivered and are built in an object-oriented technology integrated with its own object-oriented database. The Electron Commerce and Ether Directory solutions comprise of the following parts:
  • Web Interface
  • Search Server
  • Messaging Engine
  • Object-oriented Database
Web Interface

The web interface processes the requests received from the web browser clients and responds to them via JADEHTTP.DLL and MS Internet Information Server (IIS).

JADEHTTP.DLL is the JADE supplied intermediary program between the IIS and the web application. 
It is possible to have multiple instances of the web application in order to facilitate spreading of transaction load.

Search Server

The search server application is dedicated to processing of search requests based on specified criteria using an optimized, multi-parametric search mechanism.

It is also possible to have multiple instances of search server application in order to facilitate spreading of transaction load.

Messaging Engine

The message engine receives XML messages from other Procurement Sales Module or Marketplace Module systems through the Internet and MS IIS.


The Procurement Sales Module or Marketplace Module systems can have web browser clients on the intranet (internal users) or the internet (internal/external users). The system can also communicate to other Electron Commerce or Ether Directory systems via the internet using HTTP/HTTPS and XML.


There are three categories of security in Procurement Sales Module and Marketplace Module solutions:
  • User authentication and authorization are built into the applications by way of user management functionality
  • Inter system data communication security is implemented using Secure Socket Layers (SSL) protocol and digital certificates.
  • Physical system access security can be implemented optionally by establishing firewalls at various access points to add additional layer(s) of security to the system.