The Procurement Sales Module and Marketplace Module solutions are a comprehensive global business to business, business to consumer, direct sales and procurement process solution that operates as a single, enterprise-based software package. The solutions provide discovery, sourcing, procurement, sales and transaction management functionality within a single enterprise system. The standalone solutions can also be integrated with existing ERP’s or accounting systems.

The Internet-Based Trading Solution


The New Economy

Align your business to your customers with the Industry's most flexible, cost effective and robust multi-channel commerce solution.

The B2B eCommerce environment is demanding all enterprises, irrespective of size, to be eCommerce ready to compete strategically within today's global marketplace. Enterprises need the ability to:
  • quickly and efficiently discover suitable, potential trading partners,
  • negotiate the optimal transaction terms, and finally,
  • close the best possible deal.
Today's enterprises need to be able to do these with minimal human intervention, secure in the knowledge that they have access to the most up to date information.

Today's enterprises need to have the ability to send out strategic signals and receive feedbacks that reflect the rapidly changing competitive environment in which they operate.

Today's enterprises need systems that allow them to sell and procure, internally and externally, domestically and internationally, direct or indirect-cost, goods and services.

Today's enterprises need a set of business software solutions that offer a high degree of inter-enterprise connectivity, electronic smart systems, full front-to-back system integration and non-linear workflow management.