The Second and Third Solutions for Buy-Side Retail Problems

Daily Inventory Reporting

Creating a valid PO goes hand-in-hand with obtaining daily product inventory levels from your vendors. You have all the UPC and product attribute data for Product X. Now, how many can you order? Having daily inventory reporting from your vendors assures that the PO is accurate and that no PO Change document or PO Acknowledgement document will be necessary to fulfill the PO.

In addition, with the world-wide pandemic and other current and future unknown factors, most retailers are surviving and thriving by having a solid omni-channel offering in place. Would you like to play in this space? Would you like to offer an endless aisle of products to the consumer, or maybe at the very least all the products that you currently carry? Whether you are looking for a true drop-ship model or wish to fulfill orders out of your own DC or store, daily inventory reports are critical to your everyday operation.

The Procure2Pay Sales Module is a comprehensive global B2B, direct sales, procurement and invoicing process solution that operates as a single, enterprise-based cloud solution. The Procure2Pay Sales Module provides discovery, sourcing, procurement, sales and transaction management functionality and accurate invoicing within a single system.

By providing highly flexible supply and value chain functionality, the Procure2Pay Sales Module enables instantaneous connectivity between all organization’s trading partners - regardless if they are operating an Procure2Pay Sales Module.

Features unique to the Procurement Sales Module include:
  • simplified procurement and sales processes,
  • automated supplier sourcing processes,
  • enhanced buyer and supplier enablement and
  • three way matching of PO, Products received and Invoices to ensure accurate payment to the vendor(s).

The Procure2Pay Sales Module is not a marketplace or intermediary managed solution.

The Procure2Pay Sales Module enables your organization to regain and retain total control of its strategic data and dynamically facilitates the sending of strategic pricing signals to your customer.

Procure2Pay Sales Module Procurement

Conventional e-procurement solutions have focused on that aspect of an organization’s purchasing activities that represent the most significant set of process and cost-savings inefficiencies - the acquisition of consumables.

The Procure2Pay Sales Module's Procurement component is specifically designed to handle the procurement of direct-cost goods and services from all your supply chain partners - from the discovery of potential suppliers, through quotation and transaction negotiation to the completion of the trade.

The Procurement component handles the procurement of your organisation's consumable or indirect-cost requirements as well.


The Procure2Pay Sales Module's Sales component is a web based, e-commerce cloud solution specifically designed to handle the complexities of an organization’s sales functions. The Procure2Pay Sales Module's Sales component has been constructed to include:

  • advanced sales pricing,
  • negotiation and transaction management for inter- and intra-company,
  • domestic and international sale of direct and
  • indirect cost goods and services.


A key factor in choosing the best deal, whether buying or selling, is ensuring the product can be transported from the seller's site to the buyer's site at the best cost for the best service.

Recognizing this, FileVision has incorporated logistics quotation and management functionality as an integral part of Electronic Procurement.

The Procure2Pay Sales Module's Logistics links trusted third party logistics handlers to both the Procure2Pay Sales Module's Sales and Procurement components of respective sellers' and buyers' systems enabling the rapid provision of accurate shipping quotations on a per order basis without any manual intervention by the supplier.

The need often arises to support purchase and sales transactions with transportation or other third party services such as insurance or inspection. Because these value-added services are closely interrelated to core contract sales terms and conditions, a coordination of simultaneous information flows between the buyer to/from the freight agent to/from the seller is critical.

The Procure2Pay Sales Module's Logistics includes functionality that provides asynchronous and multi-party communication that is:
  • integrated with transaction management functions consistent with international trade rules and core contract terms
  • integrated with transaction execution safeguard functions to reduce transaction failure risks such as non-payment


Another feature Procure2Pay Sales Module includes is a unique supply chain management tool known as Microchain.

Microchain enables your procurement staff to select items found in the Marketplace Module Directory or on other organizations’ Procure2Pay Sales Module, and have them added to your procurement catalogue. It further facilitates the acquisition of goods and services at the best possible terms.

Microchain links the Procure2Pay Sales Module's purchase order and inventory management functions with supplier relationship management functions to result in a highly flexible supply-chain management tool.

Other features and functionality of Procure2Pay Sales Module are the:
  • Direct B2B, asynchronous order acceptance, rejection, amendment and processing functions.

These features assists enterprises to overcome information inconsistencies because real-time updated items are cross-referenced to an enterprise's supply-chain requirements and any strategic sourcing agreements it may have in place with key suppliers.