The U-Accredit-IT TJC Compliance Tool is a web-based tool designed to facilitate Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) with preparedness for Joint Commission surveys. Using the organization's TJC license, the U-Accredit-IT TJC Compliance Tool allows healthcare providers to coordinate TJC standards with facility specific documentation.

This tool also allows a HCO to conduct a complete or partial mock survey allowing for closer ongoing monitoring of compliance status. This tool also allows HCOs to record, store, share and distribute supporting documentation demonstrating measurement, discussion and recording of the important processes that the TJC accreditation will expect to find as evidence of continuous quality improvement when surveying an organization.

How does U-Accredit-IT ® provide value to customers?

  • U-Accredit-IT can become the backbone of your TJC compliance efforts
  • U-Accredit-IT provides the ability to track internal or external audits
  • The intuitive user interface supports users as they participate in ongoing quality discussions and education across an organization
  • Allows a HCO to conduct mock surveys allowing ongoing monitoring of TJC compliance
  • Allows a HCO to record, store, share and distribute supporting documentation to support TJC compliance
  • Dashboard features include the ability for the user to define their own Grouping (s) as well as the ability to add client- defined dashboards

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