Problems we solve

FileVision delivers a collaborative, agile, data, and process centric solution to businesses. Providing a deep focus into integrating the users current legacy universe, allowing for a seamless approach to filling gaps in process management. 

Perceptive process and content solutions complete the picture that runs your organization.

FileVision's solutions are predicated on a world class development platform, ALFO, which encompasses high levels of flexibility and scalability that is globally recognized to provide a cost effective, rapidly deployable—go to market solution. As a leading business edge solution, FileVision delivers data and information centric solutions across a wide variety of disciplines and horizontal/vertical market segments.

Providing a scalable solution to meet
the needs of your organization

Our solutions can be deployed rapidly and with scalability. They are configured to meet your business needs and customized to your unique processes. Our solutions can be integrated into your existing enterprise systems or any end-user system, without changing the way you work- we just make it easier and more effective.

Giving you a rapidly deployable solution, customized to your needs.

Providing configured technology solutions that are scalable to your organizational functions. Learn more about how we can integrate into existing enterprises. 


FileVision's ALFO platform is a world-class production environment for information centric enterprise application development. ALFO delivers scalability, the capacity to rapidly deploy with inherent flexibility, robustness, and transparency. 

Unlike many stand alone products ALFO's leading edge technology incorporates many features into an integrated model that enables organizations to match their specific needs without the fears of dealing with multiple modules and integration of disparate products. The components include but not limited to: 
  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • document management
  • workflow process 
  • content management
  • electronic forms engine and processing
  • knowledge management
  • data capture and management
  • configurable portal
  • dashboards with reporting
By delivering out of the box functionality across a number of vertical and horizontal business disciplines, ALFO affords organizations the ability to better manage their corporate information and data throughout their enterprise and where required, to support and enhance interaction and information flow to and from their external value chain.


If there is a gap, we fill it

Our wide range of capabilities to develop custom software solutions allows us to leverage data to circumvent legacy software systems already in use throughout your organization.

What many decision makers don’t realize is the potential for improvement that results from configurable and customized software. By having our experts develop solutions that are unique to your needs and are capable of coexisting with your current software, you reduce the risk and costs of replacing it holistically.

FileVision is your one-stop-shop to develop new, customizable solutions for business problems. We utilize mainstream technology to enhance business functions and solving the functional voids, integrating your back end systems. This capability gives us the competency to provide your investment with immediate ROI.

Flexibility is what sets us apart from anyone else. We are dedicated to building relationships with our clients to provide unsurmountable solution services. Your success is our mission and we are there every step of the way beginning with identifying areas that assistance is needed for execution.

An integrated FileVision environment facilitates the easy exchange of silos of information locked within back-end systems. Thereby, allowing the potential to regenerate new data pathways to maximally benefitting organizations.

Want to learn more? Please send us a request for information or contact us at 770-551-1400.